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Shifting Seasons Yoga Workshop-Mini Retreat at Calders Wharf E14 3PS

October 8, Sunday 2.30-5.30pm

The change of the season naturally is a powerful time to pause, reflect and rebalance. Ironically most of us lead the busiest lives at this time of year. This workshop will help you physically, mentally and energetically stay relaxed, focused and connected to your true self when life presents challenges and demands.

Constant business and other traits of modern lives cause back pain, slouching and stress. Perhaps emotions as anxiety or fear also are kicking in.

We’ll work on body posture, stiffness in hips, back and shoulders moving through the light dynamic flow then holding stretches for longer in Yin style to explore those deeper layers. The long passive poses give you time to listen to your body, release tension, calm your mind and balance your emotions. Deep stretches reach the connective tissues which most of us struggle to access and greatly increase flexibility.

It helps to open up the body and get rid of energy blocks which together with continuing stress lead to illnesses.

We’ll touch some yoga philosophy, how it is related to our daily lives.

We’ll practice about 20 min Meditation – one from the Mindfulness at Work Series I teach on Tue evening class this month. It teaches to stay calm and wisely respond to demanding bosses, colleagues and workloads. It useful in other daily life activities, in relationship to yourself and others.

Long relaxation – Yoga Nidra at the end takes you to the “yogic sleep” – a state of consciousness between “waking and sleeping”, induced by a guided relaxation practiced in a lying position. It’s a total physical and mental rest. 

Some therapeutic benefits: provides a relief for stress, depression and anxiety, improves sleeping patterns, the functioning of nervous and endocrine systems, helps cells regenerate, clarifies the mind, lifts mood. 

This workshop is a treat for your body and soul. You’ll leave feeling exercised, relaxed, more balanced, ready for the new challenges.


This workshop can help you to start or come back to your yoga practice.

It will be held in the big hall at the Calders Wharf, Dockland Settlements E14 3PS. It has views to the river and Cutty Sark in Greenwich (photos above).

Also streamed live on zoom. The end on zoom – at 5ish pm or in person plus 30ish min for tea and chat.

You’ll have an option to breathe natural essential oils, carefully selected according to the practice. 

Candles, Tibetan bowl and relaxing tunes also will be used to enhance the experience.

Here are some yoga mat and props, but bring your own if you can, especially a blanket and a cushion to support your practice and to stay totally comfortable throughout the relaxing part. 

Here is some feedback on the previous workshops: 

What did I “take away”: 

– The energy and warmth I felt by being together in a space with other people. 

– The confirmation of how important it is to meditate and be connected to the moment.

– How yoga has helped with my physical and mental balance and health. 

I look forward to the next workshop!” – Carmela

“It was a great session, more focussed on reflection and relaxation, a reset. Will definitely join a future workshop” – Emilie

“The workshop was super super relaxing and refreshing. On Monday I felt really energised. I need more of this in my life!” – Sarra

“…It was like a retreat, a chance to get away from daily life and focus inwards. A treat for body and soul! The location was beautiful, the space ideal, and I loved the chance to meet other people over a cup of herbal tea afterwards…” – Jackie

“Perfect workshop that made me to slow down and recharge.” – Ausra Lu

“What I took away is that I really enjoyed yoga and would like to do it again! Also, learned that yoga isn’t just about strengthening the body, it’s also about strengthening the mind!” – Dana 

“The workshop was just the thing to take a little time-out from life and think about how you and your body are getting along together” – David

Here is an online experience:

“I absolutely loved the whole thing! I found holding the poses, so deeply nourishing and relaxing. I found your explanations and information sharing very informative.” – Sarah

“Your workshop was lovely and very relaxing! The way you structured the workshop was brilliant and each section flowed seamlessly into the next… 

I was surprised that the two hours seemed to go by so quickly. I found the longer stretches very useful and the end relaxation was so relaxing I nearly fell asleep 

I’d definitely be up for another workshop and joining online did work well for me.” – Zoë

The cost is £30, and £20 who is joining online.

8 day Yoga/Breath/Meditation Retreat in Madeira with Hiking

25th May – 2nd June 2023 (next date TBC)

Engage in unforgettable experience at award winning destination – Madeira Island, Portugal, rich in agriculture, full of natural beauty: cloud filled mountains, stunning cliffs and landscapes, volcanic pools, ancient rainforests, waterfalls, turquoise sea waters with dolphins, sandy beaches…

The plan is to hike every other day, so you have enough time for rest, yoga and integration, also for additional optional activities.

This is well balanced Yoga Retreat with Hiking.


  • 8 night stay in a beautiful traditional Madeiran house with a swimming pool, garden, terrace and sea views – all within a small group 
  • Daily vegetarian meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) made from local fresh produce exclusively by ONE OF THE TOP CHEFS in the island
  • Twice daily OUTDOOR yoga/meditation classes 
  • A private Reiki or Yoga session
  • 3 guided hikes including one of the nicest Levada walk, the highest peak in Madeira and a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site forest Laurissilva
  • Dolphin/whale watching boat trip or one more hike if the sea is rough
  • Transport for all organised hikes and trips
  • Calheta beach optional visit
  • Flexible arrival/leaving dates

Madeira in Portuguese means wood, forest. It is a tranquil island of lush nature, great to exhale deeply and relax. 

Madeira is a pioneer of ecological tourism and a winner of the sustainability award 2021. 

It is called “hikers paradise”, offering numerous trails through the beautiful costal lines, majestic mountains and tropical forests. 

Famous Levada walks are man-made channels created in 15th century to carry water for irrigation of agricultural fields around the island. The paths run along the water and make a unique calming experience with the magnificent background of flora and fauna. 

A Unesco World Heritage site Laurissilva of Madeira is an outstanding relic of a previously widespread laurel forest type. 15 to 40 million years ago much of Southern Europe was covered in this type of laurel forest.

Location and accommodation 

We’ll be staying in a traditional Madeiran house with stone walls, swimming pool, terrace, balcony, garden, sea and landscape views. 

The property is in a rural area near the village of Calheta, where there is a beach and many restaurants and cafes. Calheta is located in the southwestern part of the island, which has the best weather conditions in Madeira.

A few kilometres away there are stunning cliffs, mountains and Laurissilva forest for nature lovers and hikers.

Nearby you can enjoy many outdoor activities such as hiking, paragliding, mountain biking, surfing, fishing and other nautical things.


The island is known for its superb fresh produce that grows from the nutrient-rich volcanic soils. A fabulous private chef will be making daily vegetarian meals exclusively for our group. 

Madeira is also famous for wine and cake. We will have a chance to indulge with these treats as well!

On hiking days a delicious packed lunch will be provided or a local coffee place/restaurant will be recommended.

What is included in the cost of the holiday: 

  • Funchal airport transfers (4pm on 25th May and 11am on the 2nd June)
  • Exclusive stay and use of a traditional Madeiran house with a swimming pool, garden, terrace and other facilities: twin room share, or a double en-suite
  • Breakfast, lunch (packed for hikes) and dinners, except one lunch and one dinner when the plan is to explore local restaurants and dine out together
  • Twice daily outdoor yoga/meditation classes, can be shifted on the days out 
  • 30 min a private Reiki or yoga session 
  • Whale and dolphin watching boat trip
  • 3 hiking/walking trips with local professional guides, or 4, if the sea is rough and a boat trip is not happening 
  • Transport for all organised hikes and trips
  • A friendly advice and recommendations re activities outside of included ones

Not included:

  • Flights 
  • Airport transfers at other times than 4pm on 25th May and 11am on the 2nd June (available easily to book as an extra)
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Dining out 
  • Yoga mat
  • Optional activities outside of what is included (for instance, Calheta beach, which is not far from the house, can be visited at a spare time with the group or separately)

Please note that due to the weather or other unforeseeable circumstances, the

activities can be shifted or replaced by alternatives. 

About Yoga with Loreta 

Morning class will be energising Hatha/Vinyasa style, to prepare you for a day. 

Evening class – Yin/Restorative – stretching and focusing on relaxation, calming the body&mind. 

The classes we’ll be held in the garden outside the house and sometimes on the trips. 

Suitable for level 1-2 practitioners, beginners friendly. 

Loreta has been practicing yoga and related body&mind practices for nearly 2 decades and teaching for 10 years. She focuses on the breath, being present, mindful. Her sessions help to build strength and flexibility in body&mind in relaxed way.

Sample Itinerary

(On the hiking and other trips we’ll usually be leaving the house after breakfast and returning for a yoga class or for dinner.)

  • 08:00 Hatha/Vinyasa class
  • 09:30 Breakfast
  • 10:30 Free time of relaxation, organised hikes/walks or optional activities 
  • 13:00 Lunch (or packed for hiking trips)
  • 14:30 Yoga, Reiki, free time, organised or optional activities
  • 18:30 Evening Yin/Restorative yoga class
  • 20:00 Delicious dinner made by fabulous one of the island’s top chefs

Check in is from 4pm and check out until 11am. So we’ll have dinner on the 1st day and breakfast on the last day. Times can be slightly shifted or adjusted if needed. The first hiking trip – 27th May.

£1150 Twin Room share with 1 other person and 2 bathrooms (one full bathroom and the other is a toilet) share with 3 people

£1200 Twin Room share with 1 other person and 2 bathrooms (see above package) share with 2 people

£1450 En-Suite Double Room (can be booked by 1 person)

£2320 (20 % off) for 2 people booking En-Suite Double Room. The whole holiday package – only £1160 per person!

£120 deposit

P.S. Ryanair, Easy Jet, British Airlines and Wizzair fly from London to Funchal airport, Madeira.

To secure your place please click the link below and go to Packs on the booking table to pay the deposit

Don’t hesitate to contact me with your questions 

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