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I teach 3 weekly and one monthly live streamed classes over Zoom (please scroll down to see their descriptions) and offer a library of different styles, themes and focus points class recordings which you can view and access on the booking page here. I also provide workplace, private, one to one and group yoga classes online and from a studio in Canary Wharf area, Isle of Dogs, and outdoor in Island Gardens over spring-summer-autumn months.

Whatever style of yoga I teach, I emphasise mindfulness and yogic breath, helping you to release physical and mental tension, to quieten your mind, be present connecting inwardly, leading to improved balance, focus and concentration. The classes will also help you to improve strength and flexibility, maintain a healthy back. My 17 years of experience practicing yoga allows me to offer different styles, with some focusing on meditation and others revolving around more vigorous physical practice. Scroll down for a current time table and class description.

To learn more about what I do as a yoga teacher in Canary Wharf, Isle of Dogs, Island Gardens, London and online, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Yoga Classes Online


Yin Yoga live streamed on zoom

6.30 – 7.30pm

Yin Yoga opens up your body through passive stretching in mostly seated and lying poses that are held for 2-6 min. It gently stretches your connective tissues whilst also toning and lengthening the muscles, along with quieting the mind. At a deeper level, Yin Yoga nourishes and gently stimulates meridians (energy channels) in your body that are related to particular organs and emotional states. This form of yoga is particularly suitable for people who want a relaxing, healing class or wish to improve their flexibility.

About 5-10 min final relaxation Savasana in the end.


Hatha Flow & Meditation on zoom and in person

6.45 – 7.45pm

The classes are based on the classical Hatha Yoga postures being linked together by the breath. We will start with yogic breath tuning inwards and warming up, followed by some dynamic sequence (like Vinyasa, only slower) & mat work on shoulders, spine, back, hips, bringing attention to alignment in the body while calming the mind. We'll finish with a short guided meditation and final relaxation Savasana.

Click here to read more about meditation.

It is a great opportunity to stop for an hour, listen to your body, practice mindfulness, recharge, the same time getting benefits of strength, stamina, mobility and flexibility, plus an opportunity to learn breathing, balance and relaxation techniques.


Monthly Yoga Nidra

6.00 – 7.00pm

(the date of the next class tbc)

Winter is the time to relax, reflect and rest deeply, as all nature does. Yoga Nidra is a good tool for this.

We'll move about 15-20 min through the gentle yoga sequence to loosen up the joints and major muscles. A short guided Pranayama (breathing techniques) soothes the nervous system and enhances lungs capacity. The rest of the class is a long relaxation - Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness between "waking and sleeping", induced by a guided meditation, usually practiced in a lying position. It provides a relief for stress, depression and anxiety, improves sleeping patterns.

It's a total physical and mental rest. More therapeutic benefits: improves the functioning of nervous and endocrine systems, helps cells regenerate, lifts mood...

The practice includes body and breath awareness, and some visualisation.

You need a quiet place at home, a yoga mat, a little cushion, a blanket or two, a bolster if you have one, an eye bag or something to cover your eyes like a folded scarf (optional).

You can infuse oils, set candles, play your relaxing tune in the background.


Mindful Vinyasa on zoom,

also in person

9.45 – 10.45am

Vinyasa is “flowing yoga”- moving with the breath, smooth transitions between asanas, repetitive mindful movements. Start your weekend with good energy, build some body strength, stretch your back, open through the hips and shoulders, balance, focus and relax, moving and holding yoga poses with the breath, practicing mindfulness.

You get your self-care, exercises, meditation techniques - all in a one-hour yoga class. It's your wellness package!


  • Drop-in sessions on Zoom are £8
  • New participants get their first Zoom class for free!
  • Recordings are available here as an extra for participants or for £5 - £7
  • £38 monthly membership for unlimited online classes and recordings. Also it gives 10% off workshops and private classes online

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