SUNDAY 14th of November

Flow & Restore Yoga Workshop

at Calders Wharf E14 3PS

2.30 – 4.30pm

This workshop allows you to stop in the middle of November rush, to relax and find inner peace in different ways.

We’ll practice breathing techniques, calming meditation and guided relaxation.

We’ll work on body flexibility: stiffness in hips, back and shoulders moving through the light dynamic flow then holding stretches for longer to explore the body not only at physical but also at the mental/emotional level. It will help to release physical and mental tension, open up the body, free up the energy flow and perhaps to discover something new. 

(Energy blocks happen because of stress, bad posture, rigid body, etc and lead to illnesses.)

We’ll dip into some yoga philosophy as well to explore how it relates to our lives. 

It will feel like a mini retreat. You will leave feeling exercised, relaxed, more balanced and ready for the upcoming festive season.

The workshop will be held in the big hall at Calders Wharf E14 3PS, so everyone can feel spacefulness. 

It’s a beautiful place with window walls and a view. 

You’ll have an option to breathe super natural essential oils, carefully selected according to the practice. 

Candles and relaxing tunes will also be used to enhance the experience.

Feel free to get in touch with me with your queries.

P.S some yoga props like bricks, blocks, straps and mats will be available but it’s good to bring your own if you have, also a little cushion or/and a blanket to stay comfortable at the relaxing part. 

£20 or £25 after 22nd October

Important: By attending the workshop you are totally responsible for your practice, how it affects you. If any injuries or health condition, always talk to me before a class. I do my best to conduct safe classes, provide modifications to suit different needs. The event is compliant with government covid guidelines. Please do not turn up if you have any cough, cold or flu symptoms.

Refund policy: 24 hour cancellation

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