Yoga Workshops

at Calders Wharf E14 3PS and online

on Sunday afternoon

(the date of the next workshop to be confirmed)

My workshops are focused on positivity, relaxation, connecting inwards...

They'd allow you to stop in the middle of your busyness and find peace and good energy in different ways.

We practice breathing techniques, mindfulness, meditation and guided relaxation Yoga Nidra.

We work on body flexibility, releasing stiffness and opening through the chest area, shoulders, back, hips, moving through the light dynamic flow then holding stretches for longer in Yin style to explore the body not only at the physical but also at the mental/emotional and energy level.

It helps to release physical and mental tension, open up through the body, free up the energy flow and perhaps to discover something new. 

(Energy blocks happen because of stress, bad posture, rigid body, and lead to illnesses.)

We dip into some yoga philosophy as well to explore how it relates to our lives. 

It's like a Sunday mini retreat. You will leave feeling exercised, relaxed, deeply rested and ready to embrace life's wonders and challenges with an open and loving heart.

The workshops are held in the big hall at Calders Wharf E14 3PS, so everyone can feel spaciousness. 

It's a beautiful place with window walls and a view to the river and Cutty Sark at Greenwich. You'd have an option to breathe natural essential oils, carefully selected according to the practice. 

Candles and relaxing tunes also are used to enhance the experience.

We finish around 5pm. Optional tea and a chat afterwards

Some yoga mats and props are available but I ask people to bring their own if they can, also a blanket and a little cushion to stay totally comfortable at the relaxing part.

Here is some feedback on the previous workshops:

"It was my first visit to Calders Wharf and I must say that the view from your space is jaw dropping! So peaceful and beautiful…..

What did I "take away”: 

- The energy and warmth I felt by being together in a space with other people. 

- The confirmation of how important it is to meditate and be connected to the moment.

- How yoga has helped with my physical and mental balance and health. 

I look forward to the next workshop!” - Carmela

“...It was like a retreat, a chance to get away from daily life and focus inwards. A treat for body and soul! The location was beautiful, the space ideal, and I loved the chance to meet other people over a cup of herbal tea afterwards…” - Jackie

Here is an online experience:

"Your workshop was lovely and very relaxing! The way you structured the workshop was brilliant and each section flowed seamlessly into the next... 

I was surprised that the two hours seemed to go by so quickly. I found the longer stretches very useful and the end relaxation was so relaxing I nearly fell asleep 🙂

I’d definitely be up for another workshop and joining online did work well for me.” - Zoë

Important: By attending the workshop you are totally responsible for your practice, how it affects you. If any injuries or health condition, always talk to me before a class. I do my best to conduct safe classes, provide modifications to suit different needs.

Refund policy: 24 hour cancellation

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